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Lung Cancer Survivor – Spirituality and Health

“I feel that a life changing event that not only changed my outlook on life, it changed everything about my being. I have received an enlightenment that allows me to see myself and my world around me in a new way. An awakening that I will remember forever.    My wife noticed the change in me within the first 3 minutes of her and I being together after this happened for me. I asked her to describe the change in me this is what she said … "It’s as if the man I knew was stripped naked and healed from the inside out."  Thank you Dr. Martha, it was only through your love, compassion and wisdom that this could have come into my life. “ ~ Tony Diss
(Less than 15% survive lung cancer in the USA; Dr. Martha proudly notes that Tony became her prize student, now helping others in services and support)

"Dr. Martha has an uncanny ability to hone in on information that is highly articulate and very accurate, combining our  spiritual aspect of self. Her consultations have great depth which creates a higher level of insight into each person’s personal journey." ~ G.H. Meadville, PA

"Dr. Martha’s insight and ability to target the key issues, she brings to her profession a real unusual talent. Her training and background make her a real asset in her profession." ~ G.H. Meadville, PA

"My Apt. with Dr. Martha was Amazing, powerful info that changed my life! Answers, solutions."

~ RB, PA
“It has been amazing with Dr. Martha! A year ago, I thought there was no hope left for
me. Not only was my mind a blur with stress, but my body and physical well-being were deteriorating as well. With the tools I have now, I can manage the stress in my life and my mind and body are on the mend. I feel I have a life to live now, and hope for a better one.” ~ M, PA
Emotional Healing /TRAUMA and RECOVERY/ Recovery from ABUSE:
“I was surprised how well it worked on the phone! The session brought me peace and an internal quiet” ~ G.B.
(a 30-year-old woman who suffered sexual abuse and became a reclusive adult who made suicide attempts numerous times)
Advanced PAIN Management:
” I’m so happy with the outcome- I’m finally back to myself, I can enjoy life without any mode of negativity. I am enjoying activities again. I’m truly very happy now, and thankful.” ~ B.C.
(a 60-year-old woman who was in a torso cast and suffering from bone loss – she also quit smoking)

Weight Loss/Relationship
“I’ve searched for help with life situations most of my life. I AM fortunate to have found that help in Dr. Martha’s sessions. Now I AM feeling the joy, peace and love God has given each of us. In Christ’s Love.” ~ O.C.
(a 60-year-old woman who suffered from sexual abuse from early child into her teens, and later experienced abusive relationships and low self-esteem)

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