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 Stress Support Hotline

(814) 662 - 5338

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IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing a crisis or emergency, call 911. Our hotline is NOT a crisis hotline or suicide hotline. Call 911 immediately.

Stress Support Hotline

Insight Therapies Family Support & Well-being

(814) 662 - 5338

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Stress Hotline provides support to cope with stress and the consequences of stress affecting health, behavior, and relationships. Helping you cope with Family Stress, Workplace Stress, and Health Stress.

 Let us help you find peace, comfort and hope. Call 1-814-662-5338 to speak to our stress specialist. It is free and confidential.

Are you suffering stress coping with?

COVID-19 global pandemic

The Death of a Loved One

Life Transitions

Socio-Political Stress

Workplace Stress

Environmental Disasters

Social Stress

Legal Stress

Financial Hardship Stress

Stress After Your Recovery

Life Event, Stress, and Illness

Divorce Stress

Co-parenting Stress

Blended Family

Family Stress

Relationship-Marriage Stress

Parenting Stress

Parents of Special Needs

Kid – Teen Stress

Pregnancy Stress

Prenatal Stress (before birth)

Postpartum Stress (after birth)

Stress and Spiritual Wellness

Caregiver Stress

Grandparents Raising Grandkids

Kinship Adoption Parent Stress

Senior Stress

Retirement Stress

Mid-Life Stress

Loved One Terminally Ill

Psycho-Spiritual Stress

Spiritual Distress

Spiritual Identity

Cancer Stress

Spiritual Crises

PET FRIENDLY: We can even help your four legged friend with  Dog Stress!

Stress is an Epidemic! Stop the harmful effects of stress

Stress Support Hotline 1-814-662-5338

Life and family are supposed to be peaceful. A home is a place where we go to relax, nourish ourselves, and be with the people we love. However, it is often "complicated" by the consequences around us all. Relationships and marriages don't always last, and violent threats in communities are becoming a norm. We face daily stress from the covid-19 pandemic while many families endure the struggles of the opioid drug epidemic. Relationships and workforce stress are common and are our new norm in communities. Partners and loved ones with stress are suffering mental health and medical health problems. More families are grieving with a loss of a loved one.  

Grandparents are raising grandchildren. Parents are struggling with troubled teens. Stress is threatening healthy pregnancies and, caregivers are burnt-out coping with seniors at home.  We are facing conflicting demands on the family unit, and always, we worry about doing our best for the kids and our loved ones. Stress is an epidemic impacting all areas of our lives but there is support!

Call Stress Support Hotline  (814) 662 - 5338

Hoping can’t end the struggle of harmful effects of stress – But together we can.

  • For emergency assistance, call 911.

• The National Domestic Violence Hotline offers crisis intervention 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

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