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Insight Therapies LLC Sponsorship Brochure

Dedicated to Help End the Harmful effects of stress

Insight Therapies invites you to become a Sponsor. This unique opportunity provides you to showcase your company’s commitment to supporting your local community and our mission. Join us in a mission to rid the harmful effects of stress. Our goal is to foster stress endurance and to improve the well-being of the communities we serve by providing high quality, accessible, person, and Family-focused care regardless of cultural background, social barriers, or ability to pay. 


Join us in our mission is to stop the harmful effects of stress. Our goal is to foster stress endurance, preventing the rise of violence, behavioral health, and substance abuse problems, suicide, broken homes, infant mortality, and child development delays, failing health, and mental disorders.


Please fill out contact information below and call our educational director (listed below) to discuss the opportunities highlighted in this brochure to become our Sponsor.

We appreciate your support. Thank you.

Martha Watson Ph.D., CAMS-II Executive Director/Insight Therapies LLC

Hoping can’t end the struggle of harmful effects of stress – But together we can.

Insight Therapies LLC                                     

Educational Director/Manager                     (814) 662 -5338

Martha Watson Ph.D., CAMS-II                   Director of Programming                

Stress Support Hotline

Community Outreach supporters will be recognized in Website

Adult and Aging Support for Adult, Parent, Caregiver, and Senior Elder Care  

Family Centered Approach - Support for: Pregnancy, Perinatal Stress, Parent/Children and Teen Stress. Families are defined broadly to include birth, blended, kinship, and foster and adoptive families.

Stress Hotline is FREE to community members and provides support to cope with stress and the consequences of stress affecting health, behavior, and relationships. Helping with Family Stress, Workplace Stress, and Health Stress.

Partners & Sponsors

We are proud to collaborate with national and local organizations to bring stress prevention programs to a wider audience. Share in Our Mission Today! Additional Sponsorship and partnership opportunities are available: A psychoeducational approach to stress management community events and professional training. Please ask for more information!

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If you wish to send a check, partner with us without monetary pledge, please complete form and call us at (814) 662 - 5338.      Thank you for your Support! All donations are considered donations with no refunds.

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