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Parenting Co-Parenting High- Conflict 

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Helping in areas of Parent Reunification, Divorce, Separation, Family Court Ordered Co-Parenting Classes, Anger Management, High-Conflict Parents and Co-Parents

Parent Education Classes Where: Online Class Delivers National Support

Program is open to anyone who is caring for a child or children. That means, parents, foster parents, grandparents, married, co-parenting or single parents.

8 hour course

High-conflict Co-parenting Class

PractitionerPro® Online Course

  • 7 Module,  8 hour course.
  • Downloadable.
  • 100% Online. Phone - Tablet - PC.
  • Certificate Enrollment.
  • Certificate of Completion.
  • Developed by proven strategies and techniques, evidence-based research, and practical approaches to learn skills.

3 Coaching Sessions

High-Conflict Co-Parenting Coach

Coaching Support with Class

  • 3 individual coaching sessions by telephone (English).
  • Support to complete Class.
  • Help to implement the skills and cope with the stress of separation, divorce, and co-parenting.
  • Master conflict resolution skills.
  • Improve Communication or negotiation skills.
  • Relationship Coaching, Co-Parenting Coaching, Family Coach
  •  Prepare for negotiation in mediation or when in family court.
Class Registration Instructions
Referral Partners call (814) 662 - 5338  to register your participants.

Step # 1.) To Enroll Fill out Form to Register. (Account Set-up)

Step # 2.) Make Payment 

Step # 3.) Call (814) 662 - 5338 To Complete your Registration Enrollment.

*NOTE: It is the participants' responsibility to confirm with your court order in acceptance by the judge of an online course


High-Conflict Co-Parent
“Coaching”Anger Management

Meet your Coach

Distance Education Coordinator

(814) 662 - 5338


Martha Watson Ph.D., CAMS-II is a high-conflict, anger, and disruptive behavior technocrat. Member Level: Diplomate, Certified Anger Management Specialist. Educational credentials verification listing can be viewed here by the NAMA (National Anger Management Association) national registry.


Co-Parenting Support
(814) 662-5338

Individual, and Family support services available.

Divorce Coaching 

Divorce related coaching differs in style and content from other types of psychotherapy. Although we hold clinical knowledge, most divorcing clients are not diagnosable. Divorce clients require information about the process of the divorce, someone to coach them with Interpersonal skills, and someone to reassure them with support and stress management. Parents also need coaching to improve their co-parenting skills, especially when they endure high conflict with the other parent. We can help.


Anger Management Co-Parenting High-Conflict 

It is common during the legal process, one or both parties, consent to or are ordered to attend Co-Parenting High-Conflict Anger Management. This type of court order is an intensive psycho-educational anger awareness and management program intended for individuals whose anger has been demonstrated by high-conflict. We can help.

Additional Areas

Divorce Services include coaching for court appearance

Additional services include divorce services and coaching to help you face Family Law areas. Consulting areas include coaching skills and tools to improve strategy, written and spoken presentations, and performance. This service helps the person to be more efficient and powerful in court, negotiations, mediation, and proficient working with an attorney, family law areas of practice, cases, or charges you are facing .

Parent Education Classes

New York, Delaware

Residents 8-hour online class price fee $100.00, add a coach $375.00. Please call (814) 662 – 5338 to process payment. Proof of residency required.

*NOTE: It is the participants' responsibility to confirm with your court order in acceptance by the judge of an online course