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Parent Coaching

Erie County parenting classes offers individual and group support to help you with parenting. Discover Mindful Parenting. 





Behavioral issues

Rebellious behavior

cognitive inflexibility


If you …

are concerned about your 6 – 11-year-old or teen showing signs of stress

• are concerned with a troubled teen or disruptive behavior child

• want to manage your emotions better on how you respond to your child

• want to help your child develop healthy coping skills, manage their feelings, and reduce stress

Parent Coaching Can Help in Parenting Skill Development

Coping strategies for kids stress

How to respond instead of react


Does Come With Instructions

About Parent Coaching

Maybe you have a child with demands and needs, problems, or signs of stress that affect you, leaving you worried or exhausted. Perhaps you are reaching out for support holding a thin line balancing parenting concerns with other commitments. Parent Coaching provides support to help you in whatever events are happening to de-escalate stress and help you to learn how to handle your own emotions.

Parent Coaching offers an educational and supportive skill set for you. I work with parents online – by phone or webcam – Remote support offer's the convenience of scheduling and skips the waiting room.

I will help you manage unwanted emotions and give you tools and tips on how to help yourself, your family, your child with an effective stress reduction, anger management, or disruptive behavior action plan. Different circumstances may exist for each parent.

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