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Interventions Toolkit - interpersonal violence kit
Interpersonal Violence Intervention Toolkit

Anger, Aggression, and Interventions for Interpersonal Violence

Violence Intervention

Leverage empathy to Stop Violence and Auto-Pilot Positive Thoughts-Actions & Experiences by a secret inside DVD - CD control

Interventions Toolkit

Interpersonal violence has many aspects and many names—domestic violence, emotional / physical abuse, child abuse, school bullying, disruptive behavior, anger, and aggression.

An intervention for Interpersonal Violence toolkit is beneficial with those working with abuse, assault, violent behavior and crime.

This Interpersonal Violence Interventions Toolkit is suitable for those behavioral health, criminal justice, community leaders, working with individuals and groups ...

  • Domestic Violence
  • Crime Victims
  • Children’s Services
  • Family Service Leaders
  • Mental Health
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Drug and alcohol
  • Community Leaders for Homeless
  • Teen and Adult Prison Ministry Programs
  • Juvenile/ Adult Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) program
  • Treatment center for intermittent explosive disorder ... and more

Interpersonal Violence Intervention Toolkit offers you self-esteem, emotional management, self-regulation skills and character education through skill lesson worksheets, individual and group workshops, self-education workbooks for life skills, social training, and intervention of violence for adults, teens and children.

How Does Interpersonal Violence Interventions Toolkit Lessons Accomplish This?

Evidence-based, children, teen, youth, adult applications for intervention of violence. Anti-bullying, anti-violence, conflict resolution, mindfulness, violence prevention intervention and rehabilitation treatment, healing programs, Resources - kits for predator, aggressor and bystander of violence.


The application of evidence-based care (therapeutics) means integrating distinctive clinical expertise with the strongest evidence from systematic research.

  • Conversion of the stressor
  • Transformation to the interpretation of the impact of the stressor
  • Conversion of the physical response to the stressor
Address the components other programs miss:
  • Create awareness, ability to make better choices
  • Heal Root Causes (within a matter of minutes, our tools make your job easier!)
  • Provide evidence-based skills that prompt ability to cope, discernment and better life choices 

What’s In The Interpersonal Violence Interventions       Program?

Teens/Adult  Interventions Toolkit

Product Description: Managers Program and Kit

Managers Program that includes anti-bullying Video, Counseling and Therapy in Video to help clients gain clarity, handouts, parent handouts, and self-assessments. Kit: (3) self-help educational worksheets: Anger Control, Assertiveness, Handling Stress                                                           


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