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Family Coach help 4 families

Family Coach help 4 families

Family Coach help 4 families (814) 662 - 5338

The Family Coach | Because we all need a little coaching sometimes.

Family Coaching

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We help you and or your families
A Family Coach Erie, PA
A Life Coach Erie, PA

Life and family life is meant to be a peaceful, home should be where we go to relax, nourish ourselves and be with the people we love. However, it is often complicated by consequences around us all. Relationships - marriages don't always last, finances can be difficult, emotional-wellness health may be challenging, family differences, and so many conflicting demands on the family unit, and always we worry about doing our best for the kids, our loved ones and our parents (elder care).

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Family Coach help 4 families provides family coaching designed to provide families with the support to help family and caregiver atmospheres survive difficult living situations … changing your hardship into a comfortable one.

Life Coach services help you move forward and set personal and professional goals to allow the life you really want.

Some reasons people seek family coaching (Family Coach help 4 families) or a Life Coach include:
family coach help 4 families
  • life transitions
  • wanting improvement relationships or family dynamics
  • when your midlife crises is caring for a parent or grandchild
  • resolving marital problems
  • career performance optimization
  • caregiving stress and hardships
  • addressing work/life balance
  • health and wellness support
  • life-beyond change
  • parenting skills raising children  
  • dealing with raising grandchildren, problem teenagers, and co-parenting
  • dealing with life after death, separation or divorce
  • searching to make it right, not repeating patterns of “our” past  
  • seekers for building healthy emotional and social skills raising families
  • .... and more

What does Family Coach help 4 families cost?

New Clients (telephone packages)

Step 1: Free 20 minute call for an initial consultation of your coaching needs.

Step 2: New Client Package: Includes discovery session (in-depth initial session of 80 minutes) plus 6 sessions of 30-45 minutes each. ($110 per session, total of $770)


Returning clients

Choose a package of sessions:

For a 6 session package, each session will be $115. (Sessions are 30-45 min, total of $690) 

For a 9 session package, each session will be $100. (Sessions are 30-45 min, total of $900)

In-Person Packages available please ask for rates
Call Family Coach Helpr 4 Families | Life Coach Today! (814) 662-5338
Martha Watson, PhD     (814) 662 – 5338     Insight Therapies LLC

Martha Watson PhD is an  Alternative Behavior Consultant  providing Social Behavior, Anger Management & Family Education expertise. She offers Mental Health Consulting, Parenting Advice and Educational Support Services that includes Behavioral  Intervention Programs for individuals and groups. Insight Therapies LLC is committed to strengthening families and providing holistic evidence-based behavior modification interventions through psycho-educational groups, outpatient therapy, family education, parent education and behavioral support services. Insight Therapies offers services in all venues including online, traditional office visits, in clients’ homes, community care programs, schools, and working with other family focused service centers and professionals.


Learn cutting-edge research-based tools and skills.

Our team can help your office expand into Family Education providing social behavior skill building skills to help your members, train staff on evidence-based practices. 

Coach Your Patients – Work with us.

Coach Your Staff – Have us train your staff to help your existing parents.

Expand Your Practice – Learn how to expand your services and income to offer Family Education, Parenting skills building healthy social and emotional skills. Counseling, Counselors, Therapists, Teachers, and Parent Educators – Expand your credentials; add a layer of education you won’t get in school.

Family Coach help 4 families
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