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Class Name:Online High-Conflict/Anger Management Classes Just for Parents

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*NOTE: It is the participants' responsibility to confirm with your court order in acceptance by the judge of an online course

Requirements for Court, Legal, Divorcing or Blended Families

Are you looking for parenting class Erie, PA or an Online co-parenting class? Online Co-Parent Class is available for you! This Co-Parenting course offers flexible scheduling needs. Take the course 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any Internet-based computer!

Goal:The goal of Parenting Class Erie PA online co-parenting course is to improve parenting relationships by reducing conflict and improving communication, ultimately protecting and improving the overall well-being of the children involved.

Description: PractitionerPro® online co-parenting class Erie, Pa course focuses on the how-to-do practical skills to reduce conflict, improve communication, develop negotiation skills, parenting education, and management of emotions as well as bring awareness to each home's structure, boundaries, and expectations. The Court program covers, but is not limited to:

The Online Co-Parenting Classes Benefits:
  • Decreasing stress and conflict in the family
  • Teach skills to parents to foster positive interactions and manage anger and disputes  
  • Help children with adjustment strategies of effective co-parenting by parents learning boundaries, parenting plans, mindful parenting, and co-parenting strategies
  • Show parents how to create positive parenting and well-adjusted home environment for everyone
  • Help parents to avoid common mistakes in co-parenting and how to reduce kids stress to prevent at-risk behavior such as drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, and other problematical behaviors
  • Give parents awareness to remain sensitive and understanding to family’s needs
  • Teach effective skills and examples allowing your child to love both parents


Further Online Co-Parenting Classes Benefits Include:

  • Shows parents to put kids first, then themselves
  • Teaches bonding behaviors to feel united, safe, and secure
  • Parents gain a sense of empathy for their children’s needs
  • Parents will study emotional management to foster civility 
  • Parents will study personal and social responsibility in parenting
  • Showing parents proactive negotiating skills 
  • Teaching parents that two homes will not break the family unit goal of parenting 


Working Together for A Common Goal

Who Is Program For? PractitionerPro® Online is an online parenting and co-parenting course for parents who are separated, divorced, or share custody. Classes are for parents, partners, grandparents, foster parents, blended families, and any other individuals that co-parent. PractitionerPro® programs are an evidence-based curriculum to teach parents anger management, conflict resolution, and communication skills.  


Shelter Your Child from Conflict Learn Effective Co-parenting Skills

Co-parents learn techniques to manage their emotions, develop strategies to problem solve, improve their communication, and cultivate resilience in children, from divorced and separated families.

Program Content Review

  • Stress Management
  • Assertive Communication for Parents
  • Empathy training for Parenting and Co-parents
  • Anger and Conflict resolution
  • Parallel and Co-parenting styles
  • Boundary setting
  • Effects of Divorce
  • Mindful Parenting and Co-parenting
  • What Healthy Co-Parenting Looks Like

Co-Parenting Classes

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  • Satisfy Court, CPS, Legal, and Personal-Growth!
  • Comprehensive course, Class by Martha Watson, Ph.D., CAMS II a Certified Diplomat Anger Management Specialist
  • Court and Employee approved Programs

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  • Phone Support
  • Registration 9 am to 5pm Monday to Saturday EST
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  • Downloadable Course to work Off-line
  • Class available to be Mailed with Extra Fees

Participants responsibility to ensure compliance of mandated and court programs.   

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