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A Brief Therapy Resolution, PractitionerPro®

A Curriculum for Non-Violent Living

Self-Esteem Building, Anti-Bullying, and Coping with Explosive Behavior


Our programs assist the Program Managers Kit
Video assisted program may be purchased by age category or get them all!

No formal training is required to use our PractitionerPro® programs. Our facilitator’s manual provides instruction and program outline along with other important information for the criteria of workbook study.

An optional training Stress Management Training CD is available to blend all programs with relaxation training.


Highlights of Program: Build Executive function skills, a start to character education, essential coping skills, and self-regulated skills needed for life’s circumstances.

  • Learn how to identify and express feelings
  • Know what to do in events of anger, bullying, etc., (TELL SOMEONE)

Program outlines

Children - 1 workshop 60 minutes  (included in Program Managers Package)
Children - 10 skill sets, 60 minutes each   


Increase resilience by taking control, gain skills to prompt health and emotional wellness and self-regulated coping skills, discover powerful confidence through the art of communication skills whilst building empathy and self-confidence.

  • Gain effective Coping skills, Life Skills and Social Skills
  • Gain (8) Communication Skills, Assertiveness, and more
  • Gain empathy skills for peer building, personal choices and decisions   
  • Be able to use (6) skills of de-escalation of stress techniques outside of class

Program Outlines

Teen 1 workshop 60 minutes (included in  Program Managers Package) 
Teen 1 day workshop, 6 hours or 2 half days, each 3 hours    
Teen Anger Management 6 week / 90 minute classes
Stress Reduction - 6 weeks, 90 minutes classes


Rid triggers, arguments and achieves self-regulated skills for health and emotional wellness. Understand the link between stress and feelings, and make a change through skilled lesson activities, communication skill building, building empathy and self-compassion, and find closer friendships and happier relationships.

  • Be able to perform (4) relaxation skills outside of class
  • Understand and apply (8) communication skills outside of class
  • Gain confidence
  • Avoid conflicts and arguments
  • Overcome shyness
  • Manage stress, disagreements and confrontations

Program Outlines    
Adult Program Outline - 1 workshop 60 minutes  (included in Program Managers Package)  
Adult Coping with Explosive Behavior - 1 day workshop, 6 hours or 2 half days, each 3 hours   
Adult Anger Management - 6 week / 90 minute classes or 10 week / 60 minute classes     

Stress Reduction - 6 weeks, 90 minutes classes   

Trainer Support Aides
       Handling Stress - Teen / Adult
       Anger Management - Teen / Adult
       Assertiveness - Teen / Adult
Handouts, Trainer Aides and Activities available in Program Manager
Training Styles
Programs offer a variety of training styles such as independent or open-ended group focus. Below is a suggestion on how you can work with PractitionerPro®
Conducting Our Teen / Adult Programs

PractitionerPro® programs are completed by group sessions supplemented by sessions with a counselor or facilitator. Participants complete homework assignments of each module prior to reporting to group.  

At group, participants submit homework to the group and facilitator passes or fail participant based on objective criteria. Failure requires a participant to redo homework workbook assignment.

The PractitionerPro® groups are open-ended, implying new participants join the existing group at any time. Each participant works independently on his or her goal via a structured exercise program outline.  Each group session may include new participants as well as some completing the program. Group structure offers a variation of learning stages and demonstrations of participants at different levels allowing peer supportive learning style and mentoring. A participant may be working on Module 3, and another participant may be completing the workbook. Workbooks are individualized for personal level of needs. Learning modules are structured by requirements to meet with facilitator or counselor at module levels. Facilitator has trainer aids available for reinforcement of skill building for several modules.

Please note this program should not replace ongoing professional support, but it may complement existing work.

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