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Anger Management Toolkit

for Adolescent, Teens at Risk, Troubled Youth, and Adult

Anger Management 

Anger Management Trainer - Specialist

DVD/CD Program KIT

ANGER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM provides a (6) week workshop on anger intended for treatment programs offered through residential treatment programs; court ordered programs,  and behavioral health programs for Adolescent, Teens At Risk (Youth Residential Program), and Adult.

Finally, an effective presentation to Stop Violence by anger and conflict management evidence-based care programs through a secret inside DVD/CD control.

Adult & Teen -  Anger Management Curriculum

An Anger Management and Anti-Bullying Curriculum for Non–Violent Living
Intended for professionals working within:
  • Troubled Youth,  Adolescents
  • Teens & Adolescent Residential Treatment ...
  • Adolescent, Youth, Adult Residential Mental Health and Addiction Programs Youth Residential Program – Treatment Programs Judicial System Programs Counseling Center Substance Abuse Program Adolescents
  • Anger & Emotional Management curriculum classes for troubled teens, troubled youth, adolescents and adult
  • Behavioral Health agencies, organizations and providers.
A Brief Therapy Resolution(BTR), PractitionerPro® is an evidence-based care curriculum for Non-Violent living that offers Anger Management, Life Skills, Emotional Skills, Social Skills and Self-Regulating Skills.
Professionals enjoy our Toolkits! Makes their job easier.
Main emphases in the toolkit is skilled training of communication skills to disengage triggers – anger-violence and prompt healthy life – social skills with added bonus of evidence-based self-regulating skills.

Goal is to rehabilitate and restore the lives and to break the cycle of destructive behavior resulting from an inability to manage anger. Participants learn how to cope with teasing, anger, and criticism.

This will be achieved by Character Education that provides learning communication skills, coping skills - stress management, how to establish healthy boundaries, prompt healthy action planning.  Program can help reduce recidivism rates and improve family life.

The Anger and Conflict Management program toolkit are an effective approach to anger control that delivers skills needed to manage anger in daily lives.

Participants gain an understanding of a greater knowledge of what way anger influences all areas of one’s life — both physically and emotionally — and in less than, a couple of weeks experience the benefits of controlling disruptive anger.

This toolkit is an evidence-based care practical and lesson skills guide new coping behaviors that allow members to gain control in anger-stimulating circumstances. The techniques are demonstrated in a clear, step-by-step presentation, including numerous activities and worksheets. It’s organized to provide team leaders a practical educational and therapeutic program that allows personalization to members by addressing personal obstacles and triggers.

Anger Management Toolbox is intended to assist individuals in developing skills for anger management.

Anger management toolkit will ...

turn anger into healthy, productive skills such as:

* problem solving
* conflict resolution
* empathy assertiveness
* effective communication

How Does This Program Achieve This?

Product Description:

Managers Package and Kit included!

Managers Package: anti-bullying video, video discussions for all ages, teacher/trainer resources, student handouts, parent handouts and pre/post tests, quizzes and self-assessments.

Anger Management Workshop Kit includes: Teen, Adult Program Teaching Aides, Handouts, Workbooks, AND SELF-REGULATING SKILL BUILDING exercises, and activities.

Quick Overview

Anger Management Trainer - Specialist program toolkit with Adult and Juvenile Anger Management Curriculum (leader's guide, DVD, workbooks, handouts for groups).

Tailored for behavioral health counselors, employee programs, criminal justice professionals, community leaders, law enforcement, educators, treatment facilities, law enforcement or probation officers and others who work with, treat, or teach individuals and groups in anger management.

A program that provides you with step-by step leader discussions, Workbooks, Activities and Class visual aides and handouts.

Goal is to rehabilitate and restore the lives of individuals, break the cycle of destructive behavior resulting from an inability to manage anger.

Toolkit is designed to compliment therapeutic care not replace professional support.

How Many Sessions?

Length Of Program: Anger Management Trainer kit 

offered by Erie Health Education

ADULT: 6 week / 90 minute classes or 10 week / 60 minute classes.

               Intensive  workshop - includes Stress Management totals 16

               weeks / 90 minute classes

TEEN: 11 to 18 yr old. 6 week / 90 minute classes or 10 week / 60 minute

            classes. Intensive workshop - includes Stress Management totals 16

            weeks / 90 minute classes.

Adjunct Programs exist to conduct services: 6-9 week therapeutic program for troubled teens and their families. Please ask for more information.

Please call us at 814 - 662 - 5338

Criminal Juvenile and Adult programs can help reduce recidivism rates and improve family life.

Please note: Anger Management Toolkit should not replace ongoing professional support but worksheets and counseling therapy products may complement existing work.

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