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Insight Therapies, LLC

Erie County Parenting Classes

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About Us:

Managing Disruptive Behavior and Stress

Behavioral Services and Court Ordered Classes




Our mission is to stop violence, bullying, and the harmful effects of stress. Promote body-mind-spirit healing and wellness to those in which we touch.



Our goal is to foster strong interpersonal skills and to facilitate stress endurance, safety, and emotional intelligence through professional development and public service program support. Our program's purpose is to prevent bullying, disruptive behavior, violence, workplace violence, and the harmful effects of stress impacting professionals, individuals, seniors, families, and children. We aim to promote healthy social and emotional health and development that targets community epidemics of violence, failing health, decaying relationships, career challenges, infant mortality, mental disorders, behavioral and health problems, child developmental disorders and delays, substance abuse, and suicide.


About Our Founder, Educational Director

Anger Management Specialist ~Stress, Stress- Related Disorders Specialist ~Post-Doctoral Researcher

Martha Watson Ph.D., CAMS-II is a high-conflict, anger, stress, and disruptive behavior technocrat. Member Level: Diplomate, Certified Anger Management Specialist. Educational credentials verification listing can be viewed here by the NAMA (National Anger Management Association) national registry.